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The Cria are Here!!!

Looking to add a few cria to your show string or perhaps you just want to get your hands on some young ones so you can watch them grow? Our spring cria are on the ground and will be weaned and ready for the fall shows.

Look no further than NorTex Alpacas.

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And so the new chapter begins. Our baby graduated, we’re now empty nesters and we have wanderlust!!!

So after a lot of conversations, a whole lot of back and forth, and prayerful considerations we have decided we want more time for travel. To carve out more travel time from our busy schedules, we’re selling ALL of our FEMALES. Yes, every one of them!!!

We’ve spent years collecting top genetics that were, at times, very hard to get our hands on, so we’ve actually questioned this decision many, many times; but in the end we kept coming back to wanting more travel time. We're excited for these girls to go into other breeding programs because they deserve to be breeding and can elevate many programs.

Please know, this is not a herd cull, we’re not secretly holding good females in a back lot, and ALL females will leave our farm.

So if you’re interested, take a peek at the photo list of the females we have. If any or all pique your interest, call, text, message me in FB or email us.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer & Darrell
NorTex Alpacas

See an animal or animals that interest you? Let us know. We will work with all potential buyers and offer flexible financing options plus package deals. Interested parties please contact Jennifer at 972-742-7450 or email