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Koala Balls

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Product Specs

  • What makes our dryer balls special? They are...
  • 1) solid construction, no fillers.
  • 2) 100% natural fiber (ball is solid alpaca, non-natural alpaca color embellishments are currently wool fiber which will be switched over to alpaca fiber in the near future).
  • 3) carefully weighed before the wet felting process to ensure weight/size consistency.
  • 4) firm and each ball is constructed from approximately two ounces of fleece (some report their balls to be XL at only 1-1.5 oz. of fleece)
  • 5) washed a MINIMUM of two times before packaged to sell.
  • 6) made of fleece grown on our personal herd and processed on the farm which helps ensure the quality of material used.
  • 7) constructed and needle felted by me personally for quality control.
  • 8) sold in a coordinated set of three balls, often coordinated with the season.
  • 9) made to order if necessary. If you see sets on my NorTex Alpacas website or my Etsy account that are sold out, I can make a similar character set for you personally.
  • 10) packaged with instructions and a bow. Ready to gift upon arrival!

Product Description

Make doing laundry fun and eco-friendly! Stop wasting money on dryer sheets and switch over to NorTex Alpacas Character Dryer Balls, an efficient and eco-friendly alternative for your drying experience! Dryer balls save you money by eliminating the need to purchase dryer sheets. Just throw the balls in the dryer with your laundry and let them do their job. They will wick away the moisture to help reduce drying time, and tumble the clothes to help reduce wrinkles and static.
Like the dryer sheet smell? Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the ball, let it soak in and then throw it in the dryer.
You love them!!!